One of the great things about being a teacher is the opportunity to go above and beyond in an area in which you are passionate and where your creativity gets full rein. Here’s a Science example from Thomas Mallinson,¬†currently on placement in Wigan. Thomas writes:

I have been running a Dinosaur club over 6 weeks. As part of a practical, students dug for fragmented fossils buried in sand, and had to re-assemble them. This allows them to gain firsthand experience and understanding of archeology and paleontology.

Students have also cast dinosaur bones in clay, to visualise how fossils form. These practicals are fun and memorable and helps students understand, remember, and be excited about the content.

The long view of life on earth

It was natural then to lead on to related careers, providing students with information and encouragement at a critical point in their high school journey.

Assembling fossil pieces

The excavation site

Casting a fossil