PGCE Business Ed Alumni has PM to class…

by | 4 Feb 2019 | Alumni Stories, Bus Ed, PGCE Updates | 0 comments

Congratulations to former PGCE Business Education trainee Paul Fair [2017/18] for arranging a visit to his business studies students from the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

GCSE pupils from Years 10 and 11 had done some prior work around how Brexit may affect business and the wider impact of government policy on firms both locally and nationally.




Paul told us: “So I invited the Prime Minister for a question and answer session. Students wrote down questions and I selected both these and a running order. Other students were invited to reflect all of the year groups. They asked a range of questions from how many hours the PM works right the way through to the best achievements of the Prime Minister”.

Theresa May tweeted later in the day to comment on the high quality of the questions asked.