John Keen Retirement

by | 11 Jul 2023 | PGCE Updates | 0 comments

Our colleague John Keen, who will be retiring this summer.

Many of you will have been trained by John, or worked with him as a mentor as he has contributed to and shaped the PGCE Secondary English over something like 30 years. Over that time too, John has shaped and impacted on many of us in PGCE as colleagues, through his friendship, wit, educational principles, collegiality, readiness to challenge norms and assumptions, and his broad unflagging curiosity about the world in all its aspects. His impact is seen in many generations of English teachers in the North West and beyond.

John will continue to contribute to MIE through an honorary post on the teaching of writing, which as many will know has been John’s academic focus for many years. This is the end of an era and a significant moment, and I know we will join in wishing John  many happy years of retirement .

If you would like to wish John happy retirement directly you can still contact him on his university e mail address, which he is going to keep as an honorary lecturer.