Impacts of the lockdown on Year 11 – focus on disadvantage

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Making post-GCSE decisions during the Covid-19 Crisis: The need for action

A blog post published today, Thursday 14th May by Professor Ruth Lupton (University of Manchester), Dr Stephanie Thomson, Professor Lorna Unwin and Dr Sanne Velthuis, highlights the difficulties faced by 16-year olds this summer during the Covid-19 crisis who are trying to plan their future after GCSEs. At the current time, even young people who are confident of GCSE success may be at risk of being diverted from their plans if their estimated grades fall below their expectations. For those who do not get the benchmark Grade 4+ in English and Maths, the risks are even greater. The blog post highlights how much informal work and encouragement is done by teachers to support these young people at this crucial transition point in a normal year – with implications for policy and practice during and after the lockdown.  

The research findings in this blog are reported from an ongoing research project funded by the Nuffield Foundation: