Placement advice from Clara, PGCE ML trainee 2020-2021

by | 5 Oct 2021 | Alumni Stories, Mentors, ML | 0 comments

Get to know the rest of the trainees in the school. They will be going through the same as you! I used to have lunch in school around two times a week with the other trainees and it was lovely.

Get a planner and start using it! Write EVERYTHING down. With the information overload, you will be grateful to have reminders of everything! Write down objectives for the day. Remind yourself of when you need to plan lessons by, submit documents by, etc.

Get organised with your meal planning. It can be stressful to come home after school and have to worry about cooking for the day after, when you have so many other things to do. I would recommend spending a bit of time on Sunday getting lunchboxes ready for the week!

Don’t compare yourself or your teaching to the teachers that you observe. They once stood in your shoes. I read this quote somewhere and it stood with me: ‘Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.’

Do not stop doing what you love. Find a spot in the week for a hobby and keep it. If you love dancing, singing, playing football, ANYTHING – organise yourself and allow yourself to have leisure time. Remember: there is life beyond school.

Celebrate your successes, even the small ones! Tell your family and friends about your experience, they will be proud of you!

Do not stress about not knowing everyone’s names or where everything is in school on week 1. By week 2, you will be an expert. It will all come to you naturally (do put in the effort, though!)

Do not leave things for the last minute. You are never too early. Keeping track of everything in your planner will help.

Don’t bottle up your feelings. If something is making you feel worried or anxious, talk to someone about it.

Get to know the members of your department. They will be your support.

Smile!!!!!! You will brighten someone’s day. You will glow positivity. You will inspire others to smile too.