Opportunity to take part in research project on Marking and Feedback

by | 3 Feb 2016 | CPD, PGCE Updates | 0 comments

Several colleagues at the university have been conducting a study exploring marking and feedback policies and practices across the North West of England with a working party of school colleagues.
The study aim is to provide systematic evidence of the impact of different frameworks of written feedback on teacher and curriculum time as well as pupil progress.
As part of this study we would like to conduct a survey which will help us to understand your opinion and practices in schools. This will be valuable information for us in establishing what support is available for teachers and learners in the North West of England.

We would be very grateful if you could spend 10 minutes filling in the survey by clicking the following link (If it doesn’t work you can copy and paste the address in your browser)


Many thanks in advance!

Rosa Archer, Peter Marks, Lise Hopwood  and Louisa Dawes


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